Steps Involved in Fake Driving Licence Maker

There are many online websites which offer fake driving licence maker. To make a fake driving licence, you need a good understanding of how to use photo-editing software and access to the right resources if you choose to go through it and make a counterfeit ID. Here are the steps followed by a  fake driving licence maker: –

  • You can use your own identity and the message, or you can use another person’s identification and change the picture as long as the height, hair and eye colour match. Whichever choice you choose, you must use a scanner to check your ID.
  • Check the back of the ID to ensure the barcode at the rear matches the ID at the front with the data at the front.
  • You still want to display the same name, license number and unmodified data even though you are changing the document. Changing an image is easier than changing the message.
  • You can use an online image editor to edit the image. If you don’t know or have an image editing software such as Photoshop, GIMP or Photoscape. To change your ID, open the photo in your chosen software.
  • Open the image you will use to replace the current picture. Trim the picture to the size of the original picture ID. Expand the new image to a single file and then open the image with the scanned ID in the same task.
  •  Alternative, you can put a new image over a spot where the photo is on the ID and cut out the picture sides of it with a crop tool in whatever software you are using. Drag it over the original photo until you are satisfied with the position.
  • Keep the shift key down as you drag the picture corner to keep the ratio between the image sides equal to the original picture.
  • You should begin by identifying what typeface your font uses by scanning your personal ID and wishing to change the text. You may access the state or agency information online or simply open the ID next to a list of widely used fonts and compare it.
  • To cover any of the letters or numbers you want to modify, use the clone method or “clone stamp.” Zoom into the ID, and right next to the letter or number you switch, you can copy the blank history. Push the copied background over the letter and number and make it look like it never used to be. Set a text box on any letters or numbers to replace before entering new values before typing.
  • To eliminate the need for text protection, adjust a few of the text fields as possible. But you might not have much choice if the specifics do not suit the photo. To suit the person who wants to use the ID, change colour, the color of the face and height. You do not have to worry about changing this information if you use the ID for news purposes only.
  • Print your front and back ID. Cut them out on a straight edge and with scissors or a knife.

These are a few simple and easy steps, followed by a fake driving licence maker.

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